The Elefant Who Ate Too Much Pizza

March 18th, 2009  |  City: | Published in Out on the Town  |  3 Comments

When I was a little girl, my Dad told me a bedtime story about “The Elefant Who Ate Too Much Pizza.” I’m not sure what happened to the elephant, and I don’t think the purpose was to teach me early on about portion control, but I do know he told it to me because pizza was my favorite food….especially from…yes, the one and only gourmet El Paso franchise treat…Peter Piper Pizza. Since then, I’ve forgotten the bedtime story, and my taste buds have matured. In my life mission to eat healthy food, I don’t splurge on pizza unless it’s reallly good. And, let me tell you, my latest local Austin find is fantastic…light, thin crispy crust, and excellent flavour!

Pizza Recommendation for lunch or dinner: Salvation Pizza is located on 34th Street, west of Guadalupe, in a typical Hyde Park-type house-turned-restaurant, one of Austin’s distinguishers that gives it a comfortable and livable feel. It is just delish…no need for any other words…head over there now, you will love it! Also, they have daily lunch specials, 2 pieces, a lunch salad, and 16 oz. drink for $5.99 from 11:30-2. The only other pizza I swear by is actually a local (not chain) pizza restaurant in El Paso…Ardovino’s. It’s one of the 3 staple restaurants we take visitors to when they are driving through 🙂

Free Pizza! Wednesday is free pizza night at Draught House near 41st and Lamar. I’m counting on Allison to comment on this post and let us know how it is! And, Tuesday’s is $2.75/pint night for beer lovers, so check it out!



  1. Allison says:

    March 18th, 2009 at 4:56 pm (#)

    Great beer, not so great pizza. But who can complain when it is free! Plus, really nice outdoor patio to enjoy this gorgeous weather. Go for the beer, the pizza is just an added bonus.

  2. Power Post: Pizza « The*Rebeccammendations says:

    July 15th, 2009 at 12:08 am (#)

    […] first wrote about Salvation here, but just recently made another visit, and felt the need to re-emphasize its goodness, and provide […]

  3. Miracle on 34th Street says:

    November 1st, 2010 at 7:40 am (#)

    […] isn’t convincing enough, let me point out that I have written about it here and here. And, spunky friend and food blogger Sarah also wrote about our dinner on Friday. Even Mom and Dad […]

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