Viva Vivo!

*photo by Rebecca

Last night, a group of us ended a very leisurely spring day in Austin, complete with laying out in the 80 degree weather, with a fun dinner at Vivo…the Tex-Mex restaurant that serves gorgeous magenta orchids in their delicious drinks ranging from Cucumberitas to the Vivo Ria (Sangria…my favorite!). They don’t take reservations, so this would be a good spot for a Spring/Summer evening when the weather is nice and you can wait for about an hour and a half, which goes by quickly with their delcious drinks on a tropical patio, and chips and really spicy salsa with a kick (just the way I like it…coming from El Paso where I learned to have a high spicy heat tolerance). The service was not exactly speedy, but if you are just looking for a chill night to enjoy dinner and drinks with good company in a nice atmosphere, this would be the perfect place! And, they even give all senorita guests a rose before leaving…a special touch!

Chill Night/Fun Drinks/Mexican Restaurant/Nice Outdoor Patio Recommendation: Vivo! on Manor (Dean Keaton, or 26th Street, turns into Manor when you head North past I-35)
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