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In the words of Alanis Morissette, “Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think” that a personal trainer would recommend a burger joint? Well it may be ironic, but it’s true.  Allyson and I were stuck at the Austin airport on Friday for about six hours trying to get to Houston in the monsoon weather for a family trip.  The best part of our day (besides staying busy by self-imposing the syllabic limits of haikus while trying to meet the 140 character limit of a Twitter message, or tweet) was meeting Ryan Nail, the brain and body behind CoreFit Training bootcamps that meet at Austin’s Town Lake (aka Lady Bird Lake) downtown, and are offered in four different programs: Rapid Results, Sorority, Teacher, and Elite. 

Ryan even gave Allyson a real-live personal training session in the airport during hour six of our wait to get on the plane…yes, they were actually stretching at the departure gate, while Ryan provided advice as he guided Allyson through several recommended stretches and strength training exercises for her aches and pains.  From the minute we began talking with Ryan, it was obvious that he has a true passion for listening to people, whether clients, or fellow airplane passengers, and is focused on improving the state of the body and mind when it comes to fitness.  He caps his boot-camp classes at 10 registrants to provide the maximum amount of personal one-on-one time and direction.

As the three of us continued our conversation throughout the quick flight, we learned of Ryan’s once-in-a-very-blue-moon splurge he had the day before after a complete day packed with fitness since he often participates with his clients.  He said he only had time to grab a quick meal, but was so hungry from his morning of non-stop physical activity, that he went for the ultimate evil…a hamburger, fries, and a shake…from none other than Hat Creek at 600 W. 6th in the trailor behind Star Bar.  Since I’m not a red-meat eater, I’ll take Ryan’s word for it, that these are the best all-natural angus burgers and cheeseburgers, fresh cut fries, and hand-dipped milkshakes in town…and if the fit trainer swears by it, I would say that’s pretty good P.R. in itself!  All you burger lovers out there, check it out and report back!

Workout Entertainment Recommendation: CoreFit Bootcamp classes by Ryan Nail.  Check out his Outside the Gym segments on News8Austin, and his CoreFit Training website for personal training information. 

All Natural Burger and Cheeseburger Recommendation: Hat Creek at Star Bar (600 W. 6th Street)

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