Happily Singin' the Blues

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After about four different mentions of the same restaurant from four different people within the same week, I was pretty sure this sampling of my friends was on to something…a true local Austin restaurant find.  I heard about Blue Dahlia Bistro’s brunch from Jodi, and dinner from Jen, and came across their website through my blog research and had to try it.  I’d been trying to fit it in, and last night, when Aunt Bonnie was in town and our paths crossed for only one hour before her plane home, I jumped on the opportunity to squeeze it in.  We both loved it!  Although my time there was short (only 45 minutes…such a tease!), it was love at first sight. The ambiance did it for me, with jars of home-made marmalade on the wooden tables, freshly made breads, patios in front and out back, and a menu that makes me want to try everything on it, I WILL be going back soon, who’s with me?

Their happy hour specials look fab, including wine and cheese plates, hummus and mediterranean bites…yum!  Our shrimp salads with avocado, cucumbers, tomato-mango salsa fused the elements of a fresh shrimp cocktail, and ceviche (one of my favorite dishes!) in a salad! And, the fresh sourdough bread was the icing on the cake!  I’ll put this in my Green Entertainment category since they use organic products whenever possible.

Fresh Breakfast/Brunch/Dinner/Happy Hour/Coffee Rebeccammendation: Blue Dahlia Bistro on E. 11th.

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3 thoughts on “Happily Singin' the Blues”

  • Jodi April 21, 2009 at 8:18 am

    Thanks for the shout-out and I’m glad you enjoyed it! What are their happy hour deals?

  • TheRebecca April 21, 2009 at 9:43 am

    Of course! Your post about brunch makes me want to go there for bfast soon! All I remember about their Happy Hour menu (M-F, 4-7 PM) is a $6 cheese plate I believe, and they had other mediterranean bites (hummus and pita, etc) and their specials are on appetizers that can be shared by 2 and drinks, so seems like a great deal!

  • "Aunt" Bonnie April 21, 2009 at 11:10 am

    This is the other half of the quick “fun” shrimp salad eaten in a rush (that comes with seedless rye bread that is “to die for”) and the presentation was gorgeous. I say a touch of “The Village” in New York has reached Texas. Very easy to get to (if you know where you are going without being able to see any mountains), off the beaten path (quiet and comfortable) and so cozy you want to have a party there with your friends! Very wonderfull staff (and the guest we met while we were there was pleasant and helpful also), great smells, and warm ambiance. The food and the company were great also! P.S. Make sure if you order the shrimp salad you ask for a little dressing on the side if you are as “unhealthy” as I am and adding a side of avocado to the salad would make it absolutely perfect!

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