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Everyone has a “scene” these days. There are people that belong to the Best-of-the-Best-Lifestyle Scene.  There are the people that belong to the Club Scene, the Hippy Scene, the Artsy Scene, the Hipster Scene, the Laid-Back Scene, and even the people that belong to the I-Don’t-Have-A-Scene Scene.  I’ve never tried to define my scene, but can definitely tell you what’s NOT my scene.  But, hey, I’m a girl who knows what she does and doesn’t like.

Last night, I found my scene.  It was a pretty big scene, and I wanted all of it.  In fact, I decided it would be my ideal birthday party, even though I recognize this is an unattainable and impractical request.  A girl can dream. 

TheRebecca found her social and culinary niche and entertainment ideal at Art After Dark, the fabulous event put on by Art Alliance Austin, the oranization Allison works for.  Thanks to Allison, a few of us scored the $75-value tickets that included admission to the event on blocked-off Cesar Chavez and the 1st Street Bridge, and unlimited food and drinks from local culinary vendors! It was like a wedding, whereby I professed my undying love for the event and pledged my loyalty to attend every year.  Here are the culinary highlights and Rebeccammendations from the fabulous day and evening:

Streats.  By the chefs at Mirabelle, there is not a website or a building where you can enjoy their delicious food YET, but it’s acomin’…in a few months! The concept is street food in a restaurant (thus the name, Streats).  I could not stop talking about and eating their sweet, spicy tofu skewers, and the chicken skewers with salsa verde were also delish!  I will anxiously be awaiting the opening…

Tacodeli.  The ceviche tacos! I love ceviche, therefore, this dish was perfect….light, slightly spicy, and full of flavor!

I volunteered during the day at Art City Austin as a Greeter with Katie T. and after we were done with our

Katie and I with our delicious Holy Cacao cake balls and Executive Chef Mary Margret!

Katie and I with our delicious Holy Cacao cake balls and Executive Chef Mary Margaret!

early morning shift, we made a stop at the Holy Cacao trailer for a sweet reward for our work…a cake ball (a new twist on a traditional truffle or a cupcake, made with a cake/frosting mixture rolled into a ball and dipped in chocolate or frosting coating) on a stick!  Luckily, I got to try another flavor at the night event, since they were complimentary during dessert hour!  I first read of these decadent bites from Natanya’s post, the local food blogger of The Everyday Foodie.  I had to try one ($1.50/piece) for myself! Katie tried the Chocolate, and I tried the Grasshopper (chocolate mint).  It was the perfect size (about 2-3 delicious bites) to satisfy a sweet tooth without overindulging!  We even met Mary Margaret, the Executive Chef, who said they have been open for one month, and have been overflowing with raving customers and cake ball requests. 

Sweet Treat/Austin Dessert Rebeccammendation:  Holy Cacao on S. 1st, half a mile south of Barton Springs, on the left hand side if you are heading South.  Also try their cake shakes, ice cream shakes with cake mixed in…a new take on a DQ Blizzard?

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