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Last Sunday, I was at the Austin Wine Festival, where I met Kathy Grandfield, an inspiring entrepreneur, who designs “Classic Elegant Jewelry with a Modern Flirtatious Edge” AND even makes “artisan and novelty chocolates”!  I purchased a gold and silver crystal ring from her that fit like a charm.  I’m not a big shopper, and especially slack on the accessories shopping, but try to pick up different pieces at festivals and while traveling, so I’ll be reminded of my experiences when I wear them.  After purchasing the ring, I learned about Kathy’s creations, and we exchanged contact information, as fellow bloggers (visit her blog, La Vida Cocoa here) often do!

After the long weekend with my family, and a few days of hiatus as I transition to a new work role next week, I received a warm email from Kathy in response to our exchange at the Festival, and my blog! 

Kathy provided me with the first official request for an entertainment Rebeccammendation through my blog (until now, my blog has mostly served as a resource for readers based on the topics I choose to write about relating to entertainment).  But, I still stand my my belief that I write this blog for you, my readers, and I vow to bring you valuable entertainment information based on what you want to read about!  I’ll share Kathy’s request and my response with you. Feel free to email more requests for entertainment Rebeccammendations…you WILL receive one (or several) in return:


“If you have a “Rebeccammendation” for a Romantic lunch and dinner, I have a friend coming in from Houston that is a world traveler and I want to pick the right spot for him to enjoy Austin so I would love your feedback.”


“I have given some thought to where you should eat with your out of town guest, and here are a few ideas I “Rebeccammend”:

Fino– On 29th and Lamar, this restaurant has a very quiet ambiance, with quality food leaning towards mediterranean. It offers small plates, appetizers (including mediterranean spreads, crab/avocado bruchetta, chorizo stuffed mushrooms), and soups (including gazpacho) and salads to share.  Entrees include roasted pepper/squahs ravioli, paella, salmon, steak, greek chicken, to name a few.  When I went there, we just ordered several small plates and appetizers to share, and loved their extensive wine list.  If you can reserve a table outside and the weather is nice, I would recommend it, and you may end up sitting there for hours discussing the food and enjoying your experience!  As the name suggests, it is of “fine quality”.
Cafe Josie– At 1200 B. West Sixth (next to Portabla), this is probably one of my favorite “Rebeccammendations” for a quiet, romantic meal. This restaurant was memorable for me, because, as the website suggests, it features “cuisine of the american tropics”, or the caribbean.  Appetizers include Grilled Lobster Cakes, Crispy Gulf Oysters, Habanero Hummus, and Herb Crusted Goat Cheese. A few entrees on the menu are Honey Chipotle Shrimp, Mesquite Grilled Jerk Chicken with Mango Salsa, Redfish with Mango Habanero Butter, Mesquite Grilled Pork with Spiced Rum Glaze. There is also an extensive wine list on their menu and a small selection of beer. This is a small restaurant where you can be sure you will receive personal attention from the waitor/waitress, and you will be able to just enjoy your food and your company without a loud atmosphere or any distractions.
Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar- At 1400 S. Congress, this is the newest seafood restaurant in the Austin scene, and South Congress definitely provides an eclectic food and culture experience for your guest.  The name is self explanatory as far as the offerings on the menu, and this will provide for a little more modern feel for lunch (I tend to recommend lunch places that feel casual, even if the food is high-quality/at a higher price) for a day-time experience.
Taverna– At 258 W. 2nd Street, this restauarant, especially the patio, makes you think you’re at a little trattoria on the streets of Europe. The price point is reasonable, and their food (pasta, pizzas, salads) are delicious.  Try to make a reservation because this is a hot spot, but 2nd street is a fun area to show an out of town guest, and you can walk up and down the shops before or after to make it more than just a lunch outing!
La Condesa– At 400 A W. 2nd Street, this is a very unique restaurant with a memorable and diverse menu.  The 5 offerings of seafood ceviche, 3 types of guacamole (my favorite is crab and green apple), gourmet seafood/meat nachos, and white wine sangria are all so tasty, you’ll want more, but leave feeling light and satisfied all at the same time. This restaurant is what I’ve described as “Mex-Mod” or mexican-modern, and the artsy interior, and nice street patio compliment their fresh fruit drinks very nicely.
Here is their dinner menu for an idea of their food and drink offerings:
The Grove Wine Bar– At 6317 Bee Caves Road, this is one of my favorite go-to’s in Austin.  Their mix and match bruchetta sampler is delicious, as well as their pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and salads! They have a fabulous cheese plate, and a very extensive wine list.  Their outdoor patio sits under a huge oak tree, and is a relaxed outdoor setting out of the downtown buzz.  I would also recommend this for dinner!
I hope some of these ideas help you entertain your guest!  And, I would love your feedback if you decide to visit any of the restaurants listed above!
Enjoy your company–Austin is such a fun city to entertain in!”

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