Weekend Spotlight: East Meets West (July 17-19, 2009)

This weekend’s highlighted entertainment events can be summed up with the theme of East Meets West with two very different organized group ventures exploring nightlife (in East Austin) and morninglife (in the Clarksville neighborhood). Go on, keep reading…

Have you ventured out past the comfort zone of downtown, central, or even North or South Austin? Maybe you have, but if you’re like me, you haven’t yet explored eveything there is to offer in East Austin. I’m talking about all of the local businesses that have either claimed their spot early on before eastbound development, or popped up recently upon noticing the outward growth trend. Key entertainment spots I’ve visited include Blue Dahlia Bistro, Buenos Aires Cafe, and Uncorked wine bar. But, there are a cluster of bars, each with its unique character, located just east of I-35 between 6th and 11th Streets. If you want to be part of the exploration of such libation locations, join in on Jodi’s Tasty Touring co-led Eastside Pub Crawl, Saturday, July 18th starting at 8 PM! What a great way to be introduced to some of Austin’s unique-est and possibly hidden treasure bars all in one evening. BUT, there’s a catch…

Join in the fun, but don’t drink so much you can’t wake up the next morning for the Austin Breakfast Club’s July meeting at Zocalo Cafe at 11:30 AM. Bring yourself (you can come in pj’s) and grab-n-go breakfast foods (oatmeal packets, single-serving cereal boxes, fruit cups, fruit juice boxes, granola bars) to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Come share breakfast with new friends and true friends…see you there!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Spotlight: East Meets West (July 17-19, 2009)”

  • Jodi July 17, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Looking forward to seeing you at LOTS of fun events this weekend 🙂

  • Lisa July 30, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Just found your blog–I’m a good friend of @tastytouring. Love the Austin Breakfast Club idea!

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