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One of the best things about breakfast is that if executed well, it will reflect a bright morning, the time of day when this meal is shared. After all, the color of orange juice says it best…”Good Morning, Sunshine!”  Today, the Austin Breakfast Club held our monthly brunching munching gathering. Sometimes we meet at local restaurants around town, and sometimes we hold potluck breakfasts, giving Austin Breakfast Club members a chance to show off their breakfast cooking skills, and truly share a morning meal together.  Today, we held one such gathering.

fruit skewers

Since our last potluck breakfast had such a great turnout, we ended up with not only more than enough breakfast bites, the spread was heavily influenced by carbs. Bagels, banana bread, muffins, pie…. This time I decided to lighten up our breakfast with a fun fresh fruit contribution. This is an easy on-the-go, single-serving, and simple-to-serve snack. Try making these for your next breakfast, brunch, or BBQ when entertaining at home, or as a guest contribution to a casual meal in someone else’s home. They also go into my Green Entertaining category, since they require zero baking and the only energy used to make them is a little elbow-grease to slice and stack the fruit.

Rebeccammended Brunch, Lunch, BBQ contribution for entertaining at home: Sunshine Skewers


You can use any fruit you like, have on hand, or seasonal favorites. Try to use fruits that will give you a medly of color. I used:

  • Strawberries
  • Tangelo pieces (they are easier to peel, and easily separate versus oranges)
  • Mango (check out my instructions on how to cut a mango here)
  • Peaches
  • Pineapple
  • Wooden skewers (I purchased mine at Whole Foods in the seafood section when I made Greek Salad Skewers)


  • Slice your fruit into 1 inch thick pieces (to prevent breaking when threading on the skewers)1 hour prior to serving so it remains fresh and doesn’t brown
  • Serve on a platter, and enjoy!

*Try this recipe with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar on top. Also, these can be served with vanilla yogurt for dipping.

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