Colorful Cupcake Cones!

cupcake cone multi close
Multicolor Cupcake Cones just radiate with happiness!

*Photos by Halley Claire Bass

I returned home from a trip last weekend to a fabulous surprise! My two roommates had spent the morning baking and making Colorful Cupcake Cones and I got to just show up and eat! The idea was so adorable and tasty that I just have to share.

Since I wasn’t at home to observe the process, Halley (my ACL guest blogger) and Nola enlightened me and shared pictures of the event. And, it was truly an event. The process consisted of:

  1. Splitting up the vanilla cake batter (made from a box mix) into six small bowls.
  2. Food coloring was added to each bowl of batter to make one bowl for each color in the rainbow (except for violet!) including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple!
  3. The McDonald’s style soft-serve cones (you can buy them at HEB or any major grocery chain), were placed in the holes of a mini cupcake pan so they stood upright. Each cone with a round, flat bottom should fit exactly inside the holes in the pan.
  4. The cake batter was then spooned into the cones, alternating colors so there were many different colored layers in each one.
  5. The cones with batter were then baked in the oven while standing upright in the mini-cupcake pan according to the instructions on the box.
  6. After the cupcakes and cones cooled, vanilla frosting was shmeared on top so the cones looked like they were filled with ice cream (without the melty mess), and the multicolored cupcakes were a pleasant surprise once I took a bite!

cupcake cones in progress

Try this easy, fun, and colorful sweet treat when entertaining for a birthday party or any happy occasion! Each guest will get their own cone, they don’t make a mess, you can make them ahead of time and they won’t melt, and they are just too cute to resist!

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