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015There’s nothing like a savory loaf of freshly baked bread. And, of course, there are bakeries in our usual grocery store destinations, including HEB, and Whole Foods Market. But, how often do you get the privilege of taking a bite out of freshly baked local bread that came straight from the baker’s kitchen to your hands? This is a treat that you, too, can experience, although there’s one extra step that local bakeress, Lauren Hubele of Bona Dea Bread, has inserted into the process to make it easier for you to endulge in her doughy delights.

Back in April, I wrote about how I came  in contact with Lauren, and reached out to her for a Challah (a traditional Jewish bread that is made with eggs and often braided) for a Shabbat dinner I was attending. She was just then beginning to strategize her business, and in an effort to practice baking for customers, she provided me with a complimentary Challah that the dinner guests enjoyed in minutes.

Fast forward about six months, and Bona Dea Bread is on the rise (ha!). The website has been upgraded to receive online orders, customers can receive weekly updates on the latest loaves that are being baked, and designated pick up spots around Austin have been identified to make getting your bread just that much easier and adding a neighborhood bakery feel to the process.  And, for those of us that are health concious, you don’t have to feel guilty about endulging in these fiber-filled and whole grain options! This week, for example, you can order:

  • 6″ Rustic Round Honey Whole Wheat- $3
  • 6″ Rustic Round Sourdough Semolina Rosemary-$3
  • Traditional Challah-$5.50
  • Lauren’s Loaf- Sourdough Whole Wheat with flaxseed and rolled organic oats- $5.50

How to get your loaf:

  • Order your loaf online by 7 PM on Tuesdays and designate your pick up spot. *Delivery is on Thursdays and Fridays only, and Challah is only available on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Thursday pick-up spots cover North Central and East Austin areas between 3-7 PM
  • Friday pick-up spots cover Clarksville and South Austin between 3-7 PM

*Pick up spots are houses that have been volunteered to hold baked orders from 3-7 PM on delivery days- what a community! 

This weekend, I was lucky enough to try my second complimentary Challah from Lauren, who reached out to me just because she made some extras with local Jeremiah’s World’s Best Eggs from Coyote Creek Farm in Elgin. I will never turn down an extra Challah and it was enjoyed throughout the weekend! I only had to walk next door from where I live to pick up my delight…one of the pick up locations is just that close to me!

Bona Dea pick up
I am lucky that one of the pick up spots is literally walking distance from where I live. I have a feeling this will become a weekly ritual to start my weekend off right.

With convenient neighborhood pick-up locations, fabulous and healthy flavors, and locally baked fresh bread under the price of $6/loaf, why wouldn’t you want to serve one of these at a dinner party or give to the host of a party? Or, make a sandwich bar and serve Bona Dea Bread with all the fixin’s on the side for an easy lunch or picnic menu! And, did I mention Challah makes fabulous French Toast? Is your mouth watering yet?

*For background on bakeress, Lauren Hubele, check out Lois’ raving article in Austin Post, a locally aggregated online news source written by any Austinite that would like to contribute.

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  • Barbara November 10, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Ahh my soul food…Challah. Insert drool here!

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