Eastside Story: E.A.S.T.

East studio tour preview house
The East Austin Studio Tour begins this weekend and will run until next weekend.

Last night, I attended another fabulous event organized by Art Alliance Austin and my dear friend Allison. In April, they host Art City Austin, a weekend-long art mega-event held downtown for all to soak up the aesthetic side of Austin, and last year, they hosted an exclusive after-party, Art After Dark, where delectable food and eye-catching art meet. It was there that I fell in love with TacoDeli, their ceviche tacos, and their salsas jam-packed with heat (just the way I like it!). TacoDeli is one of the many reasons you’ll find me at most Art Allaince Austin events, and last night was no exception.

The 9-day Eastside art tour event, East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.), will begin this weekend (11/14- 11/15 and 11/21-11/22, from 10 AM-5 PM) at a network of 154 art studios in East Austin. Last night, however, I attended, as the event’s promotional flyers called it, “Austin’s Own Little Peep Show”–the official preview event of E.A.S.T. The event included a rotating shuttle that made stops at Super!Alright!, Okay Mountain, Fisterra Studio, Domy Books, Art Palace, The Decoder Ring Design Concern and included tasty bites and sips from Tacodeli (of course!), Primizie Osteria, Eastside Pies, East Side Showroom, Frank (which cooked up their appetizers with home-grown ingredients by Decoder Ring Design Concern), NXNW, and Bacardi.

I had never visited any of the stops before, and the preview event definitely wet my appetite for the full tour this weekend. One of my favorites was Fisterra Studio, where local artist Jennifer Chenoweth lives, produces, and displays her incredible artistic creations.  The entire house was filled with unique succulents by Monique Campanelli of Articulture, arranged in breath-taking patterns and collections calling out to viewers on shelves, and hung as wall-art. The kitchen, lined with earthy, wooden walls, was the perfect setting for fall delights to be served byPrimizie Osteria, and the backyard, leading to the studio, was covered with botanical artworks, twinkle lights, and a fire pit.

east fisterra studio
Incredible succulent plant arrangements and a fabulous outdoorsy feel encompass Jennifer Chenoweth's home and art studio.

After witnessing an eclectic and lively peep show of the home-grown art the Eastside has to offer, I highly “Rebeccammend” checking out E.A.S.T. this weekend or next. Don’t forget to stop by the Pump Project, a non-profit art complex located at 702 Shady Lane, where art is borne and displayed in 22 studios, providing workspace to over 30 local artists. Make sure to stop by Limbo Jewelry Design, by the talented Edson Enriquez, in Studio T.  In September, I wrote the following about Edson’s studio open house and fall preview event:

“Truly talented jeweler and artist Edson Enriquez never fails to dazzle me with his simple, yet stunning accessories. I can spot one of his pieces out of a crowd because his unique work has a consistent “exculsive, modern, and original” look, staying true to the Limbo Jewelry Design tagline.”

While you’re art-ing this weekend on the Eastside, be sure to stop by to see his wonderful works and the unique creative space that is the Pump Project.

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  • Unleash Your Inner Artist! November 12, 2010 at 8:42 am

    […] Last year was my first year attending and I was exposed to so much diverse local art in just two days and loved how I was able to meet the artists themselves. Although local art festivals and events occur throughout the year, I find this event unique. In the same way that you can learn a lot about a person by seeing their home, there’s something authentic about seeing an artist in their natural setting– the place where they become inspired or put their inspiration to work, which you can then see coming through visually or conceptually in their final products. I even found that several studios where like a painted canvas themselves, or their own work of art made up of smaller works. […]

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