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Finally, after months of anticipation and writing about SoCo’s newest dining addition, Snack Bar, here and here, I visited local artist, Bethany Andreé’s cozy cafe…twice in the same week. I loved my experience both times, and it’s now on my list as a go-to if meeting up with friends for coffee, a drink, or, yes, of course, a snack.

I love the retro feel, with the painted brick walls, the old-fashioned, yet classic, diner stools at the bar, the dimmed lighting, solid white carafe-shaped vases on the tables, simple tables, chairs, and decor, the Erlenmeyer flasks that serve water to guests (yes, reminiscing about high school Chemistry class was part of our dinner conversation as a result), and the black and white movies projected onto the restaurant’s South-facing wall. When I visited the first time, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the memorable classic, helped set the tone and made me love my experience just that much more.  

I loved the world cuisine menu, divided by geography. Our group shared a Latin plate, a Mediterranean Plate, and an Asian plate, and simply passed each around so we could all taste the diverse flavors.

The Latino Botanas Sampler Plate
The Latino Botanas Sampler Plate

The second time I visited was for happy hour, and we both ordered wine, and the Edamole (guacamole made with edamame paste), served with all natural corn chips (crunchy, hearty, and delicious!).

In a nutshell, I Rebeccammend Snack Bar for a simple happy hour, or tasty bites, morning, noon, or night! It is now open from 7-midnight, so stop in for the Brunch menu, served from 7-4 PM (and includes delicious salads I can’t wait to try!), or the worldly plates that are served from 4-Midnight. It is so easy to make yourself at home at this South Austin cozy café!

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