Different Strokes for Artsy Folks

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Last week, I reconnected with my artistic self– and friends I hadn’t seen in way too long for living in the same city! Instead of just meeting up for dinner or drinks, one of them suggested we visit Painting with a Twist, an art studio where each daily or nightly class learns to paint a different image–and its BYOB.  The Austin location of the creative franchise is housed on Burnet Road, hidden behind the Trudy’s North Star.  We picked a date on the calendar based on the picture we wanted to paint and reserved our spots online. The website has a calendar that shows the design that will be taught each day. On weekends, more than one class is often offered, each featuring a different painting. Images range from animals, to landscapes, to the Austin skyline, and even the UT Tower! I love this local spin on the chain operation.

paint rules
This was painted on the wall in front of the class. It definitely sets the fun, relaxed setting at Painting with a Twist!

We arrived on the evening of our class and received our blank canvases. Then, we found our spot at a table that had our names marked near an easel and paint palette. We opened a bottle of wine that we brought, and were ready to go!

The instructor led us through each step of the Valentine’s Day-themed painting.  She even sketched out the tricky parts on a dry-erase board, and broke it down for us into simple steps. There was an assistant that walked around to help when we had moments of doubt, fear, or slippage of the paint brush!  The class consisted of students of all ages, and both men and women. Guys— this is a really cute date idea!  And, ladies, this is such a fun activity for a night out w/ the girls.  Painting with a Twist even offers private classes, which could come in handy for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or even Mothers’ Day!  Just keep in mind that whoever joins you at the class will have a similar version of the same painting to take home.

I wasn’t sure how my blank canvas would transform into a painting, and if it would look like the model hung on the wall in front of the class. I was pleasantly surprised at what I could do when I was walked through the process, and with a little vino, of course!

Check out my work in progress!
Check out my work in progress!

Check out the calendar to pick out a painting you might want to learn how to replicate and register online.  The Austin skyline is scheduled for February 23, and the $45 afternoon class on Saturday, February 28th will donate all proceeds to Haiti Missions, so you can help those in need just by painting!

Rebeccammended fun and relaxing activity for friends, family, couples, aspiring artists after a long day or week at work: Painting with a Twist! BYOB and paint away! Then bring your masterpiece home and hang it up to admire or give as a gift!

4 thoughts on “Different Strokes for Artsy Folks”

  • Jenny D February 17, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Glad you liked it- I am going in 2 weeks and have heard nothing but great stuff about the classes!

    PS- love the painting

  • TheRebecca February 17, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    Thanks, Jenny! It was so fun! Which painting did you sign up for?

  • Susan February 19, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    who gets your painting?!?!

  • Grandma February 27, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Dear Rebecca, I knew that you had some great talents, namely writing, but was so suprised and pleased to see that you can paint also. You did a great job. Maybe you should pursue your artistic talent.You never cease to amaze me with all of the things that you can do. You certainly are an accomplished young woman.I am very proud of you. Love you, Grandma

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