Baby Showers, Flowers, & Treats to Devour

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To be a versatile entertainer, one must be prepared for any occasion that may arise for hosting guests.  The most obvious of such occasions include major life events and milestones, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.  Each of these situations comes with traditions and must-haves.  Birthdays aren’t complete without cake, candles, and often presents.  Weddings– that’s a whole other story.  Tiered cakes, music, flowers, photographers….these major components are defining factors that the hosts of the event often include in the plans.

Having a baby on the way is one major life event that is not only a miracle in and of itself, but one that should most definitely be celebrated with the expectant mother and father.  

Why do I have baby showers on my radar? I have self-termed myself as the ‘Aunt of Honor’ for my nephew that will be joining our family in the next few weeks!!  So, naturally, I found myself partaking in not one, but two baby showers to celebrate our upcoming family addition.  Although this celebratory tradition is common, it can be difficult to plan for the guests.  So, here are a few baby shower ideas that may help anyone attending or hosting an event to rejoice what my sister and I call a “lovely little mini person”!

  1. Provide flower and produce seed packets to guests as a party favor and attach a poem with the name of the contents.  Seeds represent growth, just as the new baby will grow from Day 1!

Here’s how:

  • Pick up seed packets (enough to have one for each guest) from your local grocery store or nursery.  Find packets that have names that you can relate to this upcoming lifecycle event.  Some of the packets I chose were Forget-Me-Nots, Sunflowers (the mother-to-be’s favorite!), California Poppy (the father-to-be is from California), Sweet Pea, and a flower I was excited to find called Four O’Clock. 

baby shower packets

  • Write poems for each type of seed. Here are a few that we used:

“He will be your Sweet Pea, there is no doubt,
the best parents, a loving family, and the award of the best dressed baby he will not be without.”

“Even though he might wake up at Four O’Clock,
remember that no matter what, as parents you rock.”

“You’re living happily ever after, just like in the story,
we are so excited for you to have your Morning Glory.”

“This baby boy will be one of a kind, not a copy,
he will be so lucky to grow up with the best California Poppy.”

baby shower sayings

  • Print the poems on colored paper, and attach with a stapler or tie on to the packet with a ribbon.  Have guests read their poem to the group, then they can take these party favors home to plant!

        2. Cake balls on a stick can serve as an edible placecard that looks like a baby rattle  if the shower is a seated event.  Tie a light pink or blue ribbon onto the top of the stick to make the treat look more rattle-like.  I ordered these from Austin-based Holy Cacao!

These cakeball nametags were made by Holy Cacao in Austin, TX ( aren't they adorable?
These cakeball nametags were made by Holy Cacao in Austin, TX ( aren't they adorable?

I hope these quick and easy ideas will help next time you’re entertaining at a baby shower!  This way, both the guests and the mother-to-be are showered with treats for such a happy occasion!

Congratulations, Julie– I can’t wait to meet the little guy!!

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