Music for the City Volume 1 Release Partay

Click image to purchase tickets on Image source:
Click image to purchase tickets on Image source:

After a crazy month of hosting TheRebeccammendations’ 1st  Birthday event, planning and attending 2 baby showers, and 2 trips to see my adorable new, one week old nephew, I finally accomplished the most exciting item on my Gmail task list: “buy MFTC tix”.  These three small words, or really, one word, one acronymn, and one, well, slang term, are loaded with promise! 

MFTC stands for Music for the City, one of Austin’s newest local, artistic, do-gooder organizations that brings Austinites together to celebrate and give back to the community through the arts.  You may recognize their name from my previous post about them and you may have even met them at my blog event a couple weeks ago.  They were the awesome organization that was selling rockin’ t-shirts at my event, and the ones who helped bring in incredible local musicians Jordan Whitmore, Courrier, and Matt McCloskey, who all played that at the event and set the energetic pulse for the evening!

This time, it’s their time to shine!  This Saturday, May 8th, they are releasing the Music for the City Volume 1 album, including specially recorded tracks from some of Austin’s best up-and-coming musicians!  Proceeds will benefit SafePlace and  Austin Children’s Shelter, both local organizations helping women and children in need.  Doors open at 6:00 PM at La Zona Rosa!

And, the event is featuring Alpha Rev, a soulful, complex, yet harmonic musical group I have newly discovered and fallen in love with, even more so because they are from Austin!  They just release their newest album, “New Morning,” and it’s awesome.  (And, they’re making it big! I heard the song that named the album on TV, and yes, I got excited like a teeny-bopper at an NSYNC concert.) Check them out live at the event this weekend!

Get your tickets online ($20 including the processing fee) to attend this exciting philanthropic event celebrating local musicians, and support two of our local community oranizations in need at the same time.

See you there!

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