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Tribute Week to Local Musicians: #4: Matt McCloskey

Matt McCloskey jams out at my blog's 1st birthday event on 4.17.2010
Matt McCloskey jams out at my blog's 1st birthday event on 4.17.2010

If you take a listen to the first song displayed on local singer-songwriter Matt McCloskey’s website, which also shares the title of his first album, you might just love the drumstick-introduced, electric guitar strumming upbeat tune “These Times Won’t Last” as much as I did.  His energy and his passion for music follow him wherever he goes and you can feel it when you hear him in his element– with guitar in hand and behind the mic. 

The first time I heard Matt play live was at my blog’s first birthday event.  Something about his performance was magical.  Although a sudden downpour kicked in just before his headliner performance began, my event guests (and his musical equipment) rushed inside to a smaller room at The Belmont, and Matt took the stage seamlessly.  In fact, this spontaneous showcase really allowed guests to focus on the sounds and the soul radiating from Matt. 

matt close up

I am waiting for the next chance to hear Matt play live, and of course, I’ll share the news with you so you can feel his music love and experience the fresh, modern, and lively act that is Matt McCloskey.

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