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Tribute Week to Local Musicians- The Finale: #5: Courrier

Courrier opens for a show at Beauty Bar in Austin on 4.23.2010
Courrier opens for a show at Beauty Bar in Austin on 4.23.2010

Discovering music you like is one thing.  Discovering a band is another.  To me, coming across a band that you love is like having your favorite sports team– you may be loyal to their hometown, you know the names of all of the players, you go to their games to cheer them on, you wear their colors and clothing with their mascot on it— you like their image and their brand.  You may even bet on them because you believe in their future success.

I was so lucky to have Courrier, in my opinion, one of Austin’s most talented under-the-radar bands, share their magnetic music at my blog’s 1st birthday event.  I had heard their music online before the event, but hearing them live was just as I had pictured, only even more inspiring.  Band members Philip Edsel, Nathan Drake, Rob Rossy, and lead singer Austin Jones (yes, I know all of their names) are personal, friendly, they have style, and they have a bond that radiates out from them on stage.  I think that’s why I connect with this authentic quartet– they are real.  In fact, after their show at Beauty Bar a week after my blog birthday performance, I got to visit with the guys, and I was amazed by their modesty.  I think the guys don’t even realize how talented they truly are.  Or maybe they do, but I couldn’t tell, and as I watched them play, I could tell that they remain focused on their music and as a result, they are quietly rising in Austin’s music scene. 
Lead singer Austin Jones' voice eminates from the stage.
Lead singer Austin Jones' voice emanates from the stage.
Their ethereal music draws me in every time by Austin Jones’ vocals, the cohesiveness of the band, and the sweet sounds that work together to produce an audible aura that surrounds them on stage. 
Rumor has it they are playing a show at the end of May, so try to catch them live and see what you think.  I won’t put money on it, but I bet you will love them and their music as much as I do, and you’ll be able to see success in the future of Courrier. 
Reminds me of: Guster.  I have always thought Guster was in a musical genre of its own that I still cannot classify, but I have now found a band that falls into their musical category…which explains why I am such a fan!

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