A Meal Fit for a Queen

074On March 31st, I was a very lucky lady.  I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation for a dining experience like no other, and of course, I accepted.  One of Austin’s most enthusiastically culinary teams, 2Dine4 Catering, invited me to participate in what they call ‘Supper Friends’– a supper club that meets periodically at their very own event venue, the SWOOP House, in East Austin.  SWOOP Events is the event planning arm of 2Dine4 Catering.  How perfect is that?  Have your event planned and catered too!

Supper Friends works like this.  You can sign up to receive emails about their upcoming supper clubs with info about the next date, 5-course menu, and price included on the invitation.  You can call to RSVP and notify them of any dietary restrictions or vegetarian needs while you prepay in advance.  Then, you arrive at the SWOOP House on the date of the event ready to mix and mingle with new friends with which you will share a gourmet dining experience in a cozy setting.

I had never been to a Supper Club before, but wrote about the popular hosted dining trend almost a year ago.  I am a big fan of dinner parties and entertaining/hosting at home, so the thought of delicious food and great company in a casual setting piqued my interest. And, the fact that it was hosted by a catering company meant that the food would be tasty…very tasty.  Now it was my chance to dive in, and I will say the experience was delightful, the menu was prepared to perfection, the setting was casual–providing an easy forum for meeting new people, and the presentation of each of the 5 courses was exquisite, prepared and served by such passionate and personal gastronomic professionals.

From the moment I walked in to the SWOOP House, I felt like I was being hosted in someone else’s home.  I was offered a refreshing grapefruit beverage, and I was at awe with the big counter where the food was being prepared and plated for the guests as we all mingled alongside the culinary action.  One appetizer that stood out to me was a Warm Brie Tartlet with Fresh Apple and Kumquat Marmalade.  The plates were laced with each delight in rows of exact beauty.  I have seen catering before, but I was drawn to the way each dish was a replica of the the one prepared before it, creating uniform patterns of tasty goodness.

084The menu also consisted of delights such as vegetable dumplings with chevre sour cream served in a beetroot bisque, Pecorino cheese and crispy potato gaufrettes served over Frisee and Baby Romaine salad with Heirloom tomatoes, crispy leeks, and warm sherry vinaigrette, and cherry fried pie with citrus glaze and homemade Buttermilk ice cream.  Yum!


Is your mouth watering yet?  You may be in luck!  The next Supper Friends is happening tomorrow– Thursday, June 3!  The cost is $40.  Doors open at 6:45 for appetizers and mingling, then dinner will be served at 7:30.  The menu has a Latin influence this time— complete with Pappas Rellenas, roasted Pablano and black bean tamales, and crepes filled with sweet plantains and queso fresco with Piloncillo syrup and fresh berries….just to name a few items! There are always vegetarian and meat-lovers options, and I found this to be an excellent way to branch out by tasting new ingredients and flavors.  I also think this would make an excellent date idea! The setting is casual, but the food is upscale and the service is of the highest quality.  Having the chefs and 2Dine4 founder himself, Stephen Shallcross, serve the meal was a personal experience I am still savoring.

To find out if they have any openings for tomorrow’s event, call 512.467.6600 .  And, to sign up for notices of upcoming Supper Friends events, click here.


Thank you to 2Dine4 for the lovely dining experience, and the opportunity to attend a Supper Friends event.

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