Blog Year in Review: 2010

on Dipity.

I’m a sucker for year-in-review stories or lists or recaps, like this ‘Top 10 of Everything in 2010″ list from TIME. They remind me of significant events that occurred and even call others to my attention that somehow slipped by me while I wasn’t looking. I think I’m still in the window of time where this is relevant to 2010, since we are only 4 days into the new decade after all. I thought the interactive timelines developed by Dipity were an awesome way to capture the year in a visual and spatial way. I like how you can scroll horizontally through the timeline to go back in time to find events that happened months ago. So, I gave it a try. With so many new social media tools popping up these days, you have to be selective and choose tools that work for you and your content. I liked the idea of organizing content in one transient snapshot. What do you think about my Dipity timeline? While I’m recapping the year and feeling nostalgic, I’d like to thank all of my family, friends, new readers, true readers, and local businesses for your support and for being a part of TheRebeccammendations! Cheers to a fabulous 2011 ahead!