Guest Post: The 1-2-3 of NYC

Photo Courtesy: Liz Farrar, Guest Blogger
Last week, I wrote a “Reverse Post”, a blog post in which I asked readers for recommendations for my recent trip to New York City! I was excited to see several responses! One, from Nicole, who has fabulous taste in cocktails, drinks, beverages, all drinkable delights. One response stood out to me because of the writer’s enthusiasm for New York. Her guest post submission also included a great sampling of activities, so I had to award this guest post to writer Liz Ferrar, an Austinite blogger who’s excitement is present in every word that she writes. I resonated with her writing style and her ‘Rebeccammendations’ were spot on for my readership.  I loved learning a little bit about her in the post, while it maintained its purpose as a guide for readers. Keep blogging, Liz! Here are her “Rebeccammendations” for traveling to the Big Apple. My trip highlights will be coming soon to a post near you.
Guest Post By: Liz Farrar
I focus on S words in three categories when I’m in NYC… Sip & Savor, Shop and Sightsee. (How cute is Liz?) The priorities change each trip depending on season, funds and my travel companions. Often the last two go hand in hand because if I’m traveling with my mother, chances are I have more money for the sipping and shopping!
Over the last seven years, I’ve probably been to New York fifteen times. Since I found out I was pregnant last year, I’ve only been once… and on that trip, I handed my sister (and best friend) a t-shirt that said “Aunt Kate” on the street outside her Manhattan apartment. We both cried and it was one of my favorite NY moments ever.
All that said… I have a LOT to share! I will break it down into the three parts.

  • Go to Alice’s Tea Cup for afternoon tea and to see little girls dressed as fairies for a sweet birthday party. Hint: you may run into Suri Cruise here!
  • Try PJ Clarke’s since 1884 for ridiculously juicy burgers (or raw bar!) or Lombardi’s in SoHo for the best pizza in the city!
  • For a sweet snack or after-theater chocolate fix, Max Brenner is the spot.
  • Magnolia Bakery, as seen in Sex and the City, has more than their famous cupcakes… think banana pudding, mini-cheesecakes and pie – oh, the pie.
  • Hit up Nolita House for a bluegrass brunch before The Market NYC on the weekend.
My dinner faves are varied and fantastic so I’m going to list them for you (ALSO, go to for the best source of reviews in the city):
  • Pastis (go to the Hotel Gansevoort roof across the street for a drink before or after dinner!)
  • La Esquina (even if you can’t get a reservation until 11pm… do it.)
  • Stanton Social
  • Freemans
  • Otto Enoteca and Pizzeria (the cheese tray, OH the cheese tray. And Spaghetti Carbonara that’s the stuff of my dreams.) (Note from Rebecca: This is SUCH a great spot– I visited last year and it’s on the top of my list too!)
  • Waverly Inn (go to the Maritime Hotel rooftop bar for drinks before or after)


  • Henri Bendel is my favorite place to wander, look at displays and soak up gorgeous things andpeople.
  • The Market NYC aka The Young Designers’ Market at 268 Mulberry (between Houston/Prince in SoHo) is THE only place I shop for Christmas Presents. It’s open on the weekends from 11-7. And don’t miss the other fabulous street merchants in SoHo!
  • Don’t miss the standards – ABC Home, Fish’s Eddy, H&M, the window displays at Saks and Macy’s and Kate’s Paperie.
  • For great deals at markets go to the Union Square Market (at Christmas time only) is amazing, look online for lists of street fairs during your trip or head to Brooklyn Flea for great food and fantastic finds!
  • It’s always worth walking up 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue between Rockefeller Center and Central Park to people watch… and look at things you may never be able to afford in the very pretty windows!


  • Go to the Top of the Rock to see the city. It’s better than the Empire State Building because you can actually SEE the Empire State Building. Better yet… get a Rock Pass and go on the NBC Studios tour and the Radio City Music Hall Tour, too! All are awesome.
  • Sit on the roof of a double decker bus and do the downtown loop. It’s 2.5 hours roundtrip starting in Times Square (check that off your list!) and you can even hop off one bus and hop on the next if you want to get off to sightsee. Your pass lasts 24 hours and the tour guides are usually great.It’s the best way to see the city hotspots if the weather is good.
  • Take a champagne boat tour from Chelsea Piers around the bottom of the island. You will go by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island… and you will drink champagne. What’s not to love??
  • For a little exercise and a great view of Central Park (without that horsey stench) take a bike tour through Central Park.

I sigh because I love New York more than any place in the world. And because I’m listening to Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” as I write this. (Note from Rebecca: There’s nothing like the classics, but I have to ‘Rebeccammend’ Alicia Keys’ solo version of Empire State of Mind that I’m listening to as I write this) And lastly, because my sister has lived in thecity for five years plus two internships (the cool way – she interned at Lucky Magazine, worked at W Magazine and now works for the NBA!) and she wants to move to Austin soon. I am going to miss my trips to the city. I already do!

Thanks to Liz for submitting this guest post! I couldn’t do everything on the list and the weather was limiting, but I did make it to Union Square Market, H&M, Chelsea Pier/Market, the Brooklyn Flea. Can’t wait for my next trip back to NYC…

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: The 1-2-3 of NYC”

  • Liz Farrar April 5, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Yay! Thanks for posting my blog. I’m working on a trip up there in June and I’m already making my plans. Sister says we can’t do ALL repeats, so I think I’m picking La Esquina as my repeat and we will see what the new adventures bring!! 🙂

  • Kate April 5, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Yay! I’m the sister Liz mentions and I agree with her on all of this! Another amazing place that I’ve started taking friends is called “The Smith” on 11th and 3rd Ave in the East Village. Also, I know it’s “touristy” to say don’t go to Times Square if you’ve already been, but I will tell you that it still takes my breath away every time I wind up there.

    I <3 NY! Have fun! 🙂

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