Art of the Pot(tery)

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Austin is full of events. These events are reasons to get together, go out, have fun, celebrate something. Everywhere we turn, we find music festivals, monthly First Thursdays, reggae festivals, bike rallies, the Pecan Street Festival, Art Week Austin, concerts, foodie fests…the list goes on.

It could be my teapot collection that makes me excited about my latest event discovery- Art of the Pot (as in ceramics). What is it? It’s a studio tour of pottery artists celebrating this hand-shaping art form in Central Texas. Somehow, this wasn’t on my radar until this year when I met potter Keith Kreeger at my local business seminar in February, but this year’s Art of the Pot, coming up this Mother’s Day weekend (May 7th and 8th from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.), is the 8th annual! And, it seems like it must get even better each year because this year’s line up looks fantastic! It is hosted by five local Austin potters, Chris Campbell, Ryan McKerley, Lisa Orr, Claudia Reese, and Keith Kreeger. And, there are eleven nationally-known artists that are invited to be a part of it!

What else can I gush about? It’s a free event, AND, they even add some food/spirits (can you say, Tequila tasting?) pairing, “Palates, Plates, and Shots”, with the art. An airstream art gallery will be camped out by Snack Bar, ArtStream Nomadic Gallery, a coffee cart and food truck will be part of the tour, and you can use any of your newly purchased pottery dishes to hold the complimentary meal served at one of the stops.  Ever wanted to learn how to make pottery? Workshops will be offered before and after the main event, and those who visit at all four stops can enter to win prizes from the potters themselves.

There’s just so much happening at Art of the Pot this year- sounds like a mustn’t-miss! And, there is just something about seeing artists in their own creative environments (or their studios) that is so natural, organic, inspiring, and personal. For all of you last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers, art and culture-lovers, those looking for a fun weekend activity, and the curious, check out this year’s Art of the Pot- maybe I’ll see you there!

Listen to an interview with two of the artists on KUT radio!

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