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Snack Bar Bar

They say honesty is the best policy. I would venture to say transparency’s part of that rule. I’d like to admit to you loyal readers, if you haven’t noticed already, that I have been less than consistent recently about updating this blog that I love so much! The reason (and not excuse) for this is that I launched LocalizeAustin, a marketing and social media consultancy for small and local businesses, in June. Since Day 1, I hit the ground running to build a strong business foundation, including establishing my brand and new website, choosing a coworking space, recruiting a stellar-can’t-let-her-go intern, and meeting new clients and community partners to advise to sustain the business! On top of this, I started a business blog, and an e-newsletter. Between all of these things, I’ve flip-flopped from wearing the consultant hat, to the networking hat, to the local business observer hat, to the Austin entertainment hat (which is where this blog all started!).

I am excited to say that LocalizeAustin is growing, and my career shift is both a blessing, and a source of daily happiness! So, why do I share this? Well, one, to bring back the authenticity that makes blogs so impactful- the human element- and also to share with you that I haven’t lost the passion of writing on TheRebeccammendations, exploring Austin, or having fun! In fact, I think all of these things have escalated and contribute to where I am now! As this is my birthday week, I also vow in the coming year to share more fun and exciting finds, tips, ideas here.

I’d love your help! I am considering combining both of my blogs to share local business & entertaining tips, ideas, and news. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! I believe that in doing so, I can continue to share my take on what makes Austin so fabulous, whether it’s in the form of a new restaurant, a fun and easy recipe I came across, a new local band, or a business that’s taking a new approach to tapping into our community.

I ask that you please stick with me while I iron out my brand(s) and focus(es), and that you provide feedback and ideas along the way!

So, as promised, here are a few sightings I came across of up-and-coming hot spots, things to do and see, and places to go! Who’s coming with me?

  1. New bar in progress at Snack Bar. The photo above was snapped at Snack Bar a few weeks ago. Owner Bethany mentioned that they’re in the process of building an outdoor bar, so they have it staged to practice with the space outside. Get ready to see your classy cocktail prepared and served to you whether indoor or out!
  2. Spotted: Stack Burger Bar on W 4th. Looks like the old Saba Blue next to Cedar Street will be stackin’ ’em high between two buns for a tasty and lighthearted downtown bite. It’s currently under construction, but helpful to know what’s on the way, especially when central Austin’s hoppin’ burger joint, HopDoddy, continues to draw a line out the door day after day. Here’s their Facebook page if you want to follow its progress.
  3. Gourmand’s Sandwich Pub Opening This Week! I’m excited to see another East Side magnet, and this time in the form of a sandwiches-are-sacred believing pub! I’m always looking for a casual lunch spot and sometimes struggle to find just that. Really, with a URL that reads:, who isn’t in love already? Menu here.

Thanks, Eater Austin, for filling in the gaps when I need the deets on spotted new spots!

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