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Like a Record, Baby

DJ Gatsby Flyer
Design by: Seth Brown

Music comes in many forms. Usually we think in genres when answering the common question: what kind of music do you like? Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Classical, Indie, Electronica, Folk, Country… What about the people who make music happen? In this case, we usually think of singers or instrument players. But, what about the person who finds the delicate balance of sounds so precise that they can detect similarities between different songs and find a harmonious transition from one to another? Sometimes this person solves a musical puzzle and songs, instruments, sounds are played on top of each other to create an even more unique sound. I suppose a symphony conductor could do this. But, I am talking about the Disc Jockey, informally (or formally) known as the DJ. They’re musicians too and I think they may often go unrecognized in the music world unless they start spinning a song that we know.

Recently, I was connected through a friend to a full-time DJ from New York City, DJ Gatsby. Let’s pause for that a minute- full-time DJ in NYC. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. My friend had talked to Gatsby about the Austin musical scene with which he was interested in connecting and thought we might have a lot to talk about given my love for local music and the topic of entertainment in Austin. He was absolutely correct! Not to mention that I wish I WAS a DJ (Being an 80’s DJ for Halloween last year was the closest I got). So, DJ Gatsby and I set up a phone call and thus, our friendship began. We talked about the art of the DJ and the work that he does. He takes his musical mashup work very seriously, as any instrumental/vocal musician would, and is eager to share it with the world. He mentioned he would be visiting Austin in November, and I immediately responded, suggesting that to truly get a feel for Austin, he should spin a show here. The planning began. (Client disclosure) This is the first musical event I am planning as a client project for LocalizeAustin, but I am THRILLED about it! If you’re wondering how working with a DJ from NYC to coordinate an Austin show fits into the work that I do- it is quite simple. If I can help a quality company, organization, cause, or artist get connected with the Austin community, I’m all for it!

And, so, tonight is the night! I met DJ Gatsby earlier this week for the first time and the two of us are already dancing in preparation for this evening. You, dear reader, are invited to join us for a casual happy hour tonight at Malverde from 5-9 with some jazzy, funky, global beats and sounds to mix up your week. Bring a friend, a coworker, a dancing buddy. See you there!

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  • Marcos November 16, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I hope he uses vinyl records!

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