Lions, Easy Tiger, & Beers, oh my!

Pretzels Scream Out to Me at Easy Tiger

Lions don’t actually fit in with this post, but for purposes of the play-on-words title, it’s a package deal. Or, maybe they do fit in. Easy Tiger, Austin’s newest beerkery (beer + bakery) just opened up after much anticipation and it’s delicately situated amidst the ‘dirty sixth’ jungle. But, it seeks to provide a tasty and unwind-y haven – a place you might go to feel transported to a setting of slower pace. After all, baking bread and brewing beer takes time and craft, both of which this speakeasy-ish spot make you appreciate upon trickling downstairs where you’ll land below ground level. Savory meats, such as mixed sausage sandwiched between thick pretzel bread with creative mustards (think beer + whole grain mustard) are among the bites you might find on the menu. And, who doesn’t just enjoy a classic pretzel? I was fortunate enough to be invited to a pre-opening event, so I only got a glimpse of the full menu spread. But, I did get to talk to owners Chad and Chef Drew Curren (renowned from TV’s Top Chef), who were just beaming with pride and bursting with excitement over the opening. Look how smiley they are below!

Chef Andrew Curren (left) and Owner Chad (right) smile about the opening of their concept, Easy Tiger.

They told us of how they thought of the name, one that signifies a place where you hold your horses, slow down, and forget time for awhile. Of course, once a passing idea in a conversation over a beer, it began to take shape.  The concept lineup includes movers and shakers in the Austin food, beverage, and baking community. Just take a glimpse at the recent CultureMap article for a taste.

Perhaps I’m most excited about the likely late night snacks/dessert to be had here, (those cravings always creep up in the later hours of the evening), unique lunch possibilities, and the grab-n-go freshly baked treats (think baguette/chocolate croissants) available just inside the front door for an early morning downtown breakfast meeting. The location could be a challenge when it comes to parking, but it’s seems worth the walk, whether for breakfast, lunch, or evening bite/beer. Several local beers were available, in addition to wines and cocktails. I’ll report back after a repeat visit.

Don’t forget to stop by to lay low in the beer garten out back. You’ll probably forget you’re only a hop, skip, and a jump from I-35 traffic. We might have to rename the place “crouching tiger, hidden garden”. Sneak away for a treat and retreat at Easy Tiger. You might just see me there! Or maybe not, I may be incognito to truly escape reality.

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  • Jennifer January 23, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    I can’t wait to try it!

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