Eat Out In Party Winner!

Written By Guest Blogger: Linda Nguyen of Girl Eats World

Hi! My name is Linda and I love me a themed party. When I saw that Rebecca was partnering up with the great people of Eat Out In (a restaurant delivery service) hosting a contest for party ideas and the prize being a generous gift certificate to Eat Out In, I was already salivating at the possibilities. As I trolled the many restaurants that Eat Out In services, I saw that Get Sum Dim Sum was an option. Immediately, I was reminded of a handful of my friends who have never had dim sum and knew I wanted to host a “Never Have We Ever” party.

Upon receiving the exciting news that my party idea actually won me the gift certificate, I instantly recruited one of my best friends, Brandi, who had never had dim sum and always says yes to an adventure, as a co-host. We invited a group of girls who had never had dim sum either and started scheming. A few days before the party we were informed that Get Sum Dim Sum was relocating and therefore could not serve the party. We decided to go with the next best thing and chose Bombay Bistro. Though most of our guests had had Indian food, Bombay Bistro is one of my favorite Indian restaurants and was a delicious complement to our party!

We put together a spread of exotic snacks that included mochi desserts, dry squid, shrimp chips, and meal worm cookies!

I’m proud to say that 6 of the 8 attendees were brave and ate the meal worms.

We also had some unique beverages available. Aloe Vera Juice (a favorite!), grass jelly drink, chocolate wine and Rooh Afza (rose flavoring).

We fashioned a photo booth for our guests. (Comment from Rebecca: How cute is this?!)

We had a confessional booth where one could go and make a postcard to send to Post Secret.

We even had a bucket list making station.


We spent the evening trying new snacks and activities. Even with all that fun, we all agreed that the real star of the party was the yummy food!

Thank you to Linda for documenting their Eat Out In ‘Never Have I Ever’ party and for the guest post! A mega THANK YOU to Eat Out In for sponsoring this contest! Take a look at their delivery menus/restaurants here for a fun night in!

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