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After the Storm painting by Brent Yezek of SketchArts

One of the things I love the most about Austin (and find myself talking about weekly these days) is how everyone I meet seems to have multiple passions, or at least they seem to be involved in more than one profession, activity, or group. It’s to the point where I’ll ask someone, “What do you do?” (the typical profession question) and their response is, “Well, which do you want to hear first?” I love that about Austin – people are multidimensional and it makes our community that much smaller. You may end up working with a friend’s kickball teammate. It’s really quite fantastic and amazing all at the same time.

So, when at a friend’s birthday over a year ago at a bar I met a new friend, I quickly discovered that Brent Yezek was a landscape architect…AND an artist. I began to ask more questions as I was intrigued by his unique profession and also his hobby. Even though it’s Austin, it’s not every day that I meet a young professional male artist. So, I took his card and proceeded to look up his website. I was amazed at his work! His photos were abstract enough to leave room for imagination and precise enough to paint a literal picture of a recognizable scene or setting. Since that day, I’ve seen Brent flourish as an artist and can only imagine how much time he spends on his artwork outside of work. I get excited when he posts new pictures of Austin scenes and love his style and eye.

And, so, now I write about this not only to introduce you to his masterpiece portfolio, but also to let you know about a fantastic event he is hosting tonight (Thursday, May 10): Art Over Alzheimers, an art auction and fundraiser for Alzheimers, since he has been personally affected by it through his grandfather. And, let me just say that I would be thrilled to take home ANY of the paintings he has up for auction. They are amazing! If you have a minute to stop by, enjoy and put in a bid for his work, you will also enjoy food, drinks, and tunes and support the Alzheimers Association. The event takes place at Platinum Realty in the 360 Building on at 3rd and Nueces from 6-9:30 p.m. Here are more details on the Facebook event. Share or bring a friend!

And, if you’re looking to get artsy this weekend, visit Art of the Pot, a fantastic pottery tour! Notice the link in the previous sentence has the locations for last year’s event, but here is the lineup for this year. It’s also the PERFECT place to find a mother’s day gift! I went last year and left with 2 new pottery pieces that I didn’t have when I walked in, and a ceramic tequila tasting cup made by Keith Kreeger Pottery. I even got to meet the potters that made the pieces I purchased! Now that is why I love local business – meeting the people behind (or in front leading the way) them and their stories and remembering them when I use their products. Even if you can only made it to one stop on the tour, it’s worth a visit! Learn more and share on Facebook. Art it up this Mother’s Day weekend!

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