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Chicago Pizza Series: Edwardo’s Natural Pizza

Pizza du Jour - Stuffed Spinach Pizza @ Edwardo's Natural Pizza

And, so, the quest for my favorite Chicago pizza continues. Thanks to The Windy City Pizza Club, my tastebuds are able to explore a different pie-slinging spot once a month – if I so choose. This month, I was excited to join in on the gathering at Edwardo’s Natural Pizza in the Lincoln Park / Park West neighborhood. Edwardo’s has been known for its natural-ingredient made stuffed Chicago pizza for 34 years and I would say they seem to have it mastered. After all, anyone could probably layer goodies between two layers of dough and bake it, but could you then slice it perfectly without the insides oozing out and showcasing the layers for the hungry eye to see? I suspect not. Oh, and who doesn’t love a seemingly inside-out pizza with the marinara sauce on top of the cheese?

On my way to pizza club, I was held up a bit at my new ladies cooking club (blog post coming soon!). And, what would any devoted pizza club do? My friend David (and introductor to the club – yep, sounds like a good word), texted to see if I was on my way (of course) and if they could order for me. Upon meeting David on my first day in Chicago, I knew we had a mutual respect for quality food, so I entrusted him with my order. “The stuffed spinach is the pizza du jour. I’ve loved it since I was about 6 years old!” replied David. “Done,” I said. And, shortly after I arrived, the medium-sized 8-slicer deep dish pan was lowered onto our table and the bon appetit-ing began.

I really enjoyed the light and fairly smooth tomato sauce (versus the heartier sauce at spots like Lou Malnati’s) and the multi-layers so I could taste both the sauce and the cheese and crust multiple times in one bite. I am not nearly an expert in deep-dish pizza and typically prefer thin crust because the deep-dish is usually too heavy for me, and I feel that I’m only getting cheese in each bite. I live in the camp that believes the sauce is a significant component of the pizza that can make or break the taste (I think the same of salsa in Mexican food). Oh, and the outer crust was crispy with a pastry dough-like consistency – not greasy, and light.

And, so, now I am one more delicious pizza spot deep in Chicago and I would certainly pass along the same recommendation, ahem, Rebeccammendation, for the stuffed spinach I received from the pizza club that’s got my back…even if I’m running late. One more note for my fellow health-conscious readers: the Edwardo’s menu also features pastas, a heaping array of salads, and pastas, and the option to add wheat crust to thin or deep dish pizza for only $1. Thin crust pizzas also include fun flavors like Hawaiian Luau with pineapple, bacon, and piquant sweet n’ sour sauce, Tex-Mex with black beans, scallions, and jalapeno peppers among other treats, and even the Homestyle BBQ Chicken.

*The location we dined at had a handful of tables so it was pretty cozy. There are several locations in Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Call ahead if you’ll be dining in or better yet, order takeout and enjoy a movie night if you’re near this modest Lincoln Park location.


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