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More Cupcakes Please

Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake at More Cupcakes Chicago

When my new friend Mara and I found ourselves with a sweet tooth after our Goddess and the Grocer dinner one evening and before a group meeting, we wandered over to the infamous Sprinkles that was mere paces away. I passed up the ordering opp. since I was in the mood for a mini cupcake (just a sweet bite or two, versus a big papa), and the only minis in site were treats for furry four-legged customers (pups). Luckily, Mara is laps ahead of me in Chicago living and knew of another spot, More Cupcakes, close by that would have taken me months or even years to discover on my own, despite being in my neighborhood!

The moment we walked in, I felt like I had stepped up the classy cupcake ladder. (There must be such a thing…) The shop felt like a boutique showcasing the chic and scrumptious single-serve delicacies in the glass case and I knew I was looking rows of true treats. They look like they’re posing for the camera with glamour, don’t they? I mean, did you see the 1/4 inch evenly spread layer of frosting atop the cupcakes in the picture above? We were in luck on our hunt for mini cupcakes, as there were only two long, narrow gift boxes left, each containing 6 mini cakes, 2 of each flavor.

Mini Cupcake Box with Cookies and Creme, Valrhona, Chocolate Caramel at More Cupcakes Chicago

And the best part about the minis? Boxes of 6 are $9! Since we were heading to a meeting and wanted to take some sweet treats with us, we were able to share dessert bites with 12 people for $18 between the two of us! Regular size cupcakes run about $3.25 up to $5.25 for specialty cupcakes like those with liquor in them, served in the shop only on Fridays – just in time for the weekend! So, the box for $9 was a fantastic value – great for a host or hostess gift, or quick dessert to share with guests when entertaining. I mean, who wouldn’t want to bite into one of these? (And I’m not even really a cupcake person – but chocolate and I are in a relationship for the long-haul).

With creative, yet refined flavors like Chocolate Hazelnut, Passionfruit Meringue, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Peppermint, and even seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Cinnamon Cream Cheese, the cups o’ goodness sell themselves. Consider ordering for loved ones even states away, or for any occasion. A box of  16 ‘moresels’, or what they call minis, total $24 up to $29.50 for savory and specialty flavors.

I already stopped by before a New Year’s Eve party this past weekend just before they sold out, but forgot to snap a photo when I arrived. The ‘moresels’ Mara and I took to our gathering were gobbled up pretty quickly – I was a big fan of the Chocolate Caramel. Photo opp missed there too because of the excitement with this Chicago dessert find!

I once made a piece of art from a magazine clipping with this quote: “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Don’t you agree? So when you find something as lip-licking delicious and composed as these single cups o’ sweet, why not go back for More?

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  • Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen January 5, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    Passion Fruit Meringue??? Um…yes, please. Do you think they’d mail me some in Virginia? 🙂

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