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Catch up with Buds at The Flower Flat Cafe

The flower and coffee bar at The Flower Flat! Yes – this is a restaurant!

I was out and about on Friday night near Addison and Broadway in Lakeview to meet a friend and walked by a brownstone with windows allowing me to see through the lace curtains into what looked like a dinner party in full swing in the flat below ground level. I smiled as it made me so happy to see tables of happy people sipping and dining together. I then realized, there was a sign on the door and it was a restaurant! I immediately shot The Flower Flat to the top of my to-go list. My friend Emily was visiting from Austin and we had planned to get brunch, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, and brunch was just the same.

I did some research and learned that The Flower Flat was a flower shop since it opened in 2008, and recently turned into a cafe – but the flowers remain! The flower fridges (as I’ll call them) seem to house flowers and food – not together, but I couldn’t get a clear view. You can still purchase take-away bouquets or order them for special occasions, and dine in the company of fresh, colorful, vibrant stems. 


When you step into the flat, you’ll notice there are two rooms, and seating for about a cozy 25 including a few tables for larger parties or small groups that will surely become friends with those next to them by the end of the meal. The Friday, Saturday, Sunday day-time all-day menu is adorable, with items named after flowers and their symbolism. For example, I ordered the Alstroemeria “aspiring” of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers, wheat toast, fruit, delicious crispy potatoes, and jam. (All for $7!) The Snapdragon “presumptuous” is on my list for my next visit; hazelnut chocolate spread on raisin challah bread. I’m surprised I didn’t order it today! Azalea “abundance” is the soup when available, and the flowering list goes on!


My meal was tasty, simple, and homey. After all, there are 2 rooms in the flat, so you literally are eating in a home. It was a nice contrast to flashy brunches that are so commonplace. The flat is only open Friday 10am-3pm and 6pm-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-3pm.


Friday evenings, like the one I witnessed as a passer-by, a three-course meal is served and will always include seasonal ingredients and vegetarian options. My experience was bright, tasty, and quaint for a quiet catch up with a “bud” on a chilly Sunday morning. Oh, and they serve Intelligentsia coffee – what’s not to love?

The Flower Flat Cafe brunch Lakeview Chicago

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