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Public Knowledge: Brunch at Public House

Public House sweet and salty Chicago brunch

Friends, readers, brunchers. As apparent by daily conversations, weekly weekend plans, and this video examining why our generation is so obsessed with brunch, this …

Be Their Guest: The Dinner Party + Ticket Giveaway!

The Dinner Party chicago

Ladies and gents, I’ve noticed lately that I’ve felt the FOMO guilt come over me. Anyone else? Fear of Missing Out. Chicago is the City …

Tackling Tiramisu


There are a few dishes I’ve been intimidated by in the kitchen, resulting in me simply ordering them at restaurants and admiring their perfection, feeding …

New Years Day Brunch Refresh & Renew Recipes

Ginger Orange New Years Day Morning Cocktail


Hosting New Years Day brunch (aka Pancakes n’ PJs) is now an official annual tradition for me and am still savoring 2014’s several days …

Take Note of Nellcote: French + Italian Brunch


I would venture to say that I’m not alone when I say I’m often eager to finish my plate when it’s time for a meal …

Catch up with Buds at The Flower Flat Cafe


The flower and coffee bar at The Flower Flat! Yes – this is a restaurant!

I was out and about on Friday night near Addison …

Southside Chicago Field Trip: Vito and Nick’s, Rainbow Cone

vito and nick's chicago pizza south

I read about Vito and Nick’s Southside Chicago pizzeria about the time I moved to Chicago in the Fall of 2013 on one of my …

1 Eye-Opening Year in Chicago

Chicago 1 Year Montage

Tomorrow is officially one year since I flew to Chicago on a one-way ticket. But, Saturdays aren’t often high rankers for blog reading and well, …

Exploring New Cocktail Domains – Domaine de Canton

Domaine de Canton ginger liquor

It’s almost my one-year anniversary from setting foot in the Windy City as my new home. So, my blog is discovering new territory and attracting …

Arriba! Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

chicago-ba-ba-reeba tapas

I’m quite the lucky gal. Why? You ask? Moving to Chicago has helped me reconnect with some fantastic family and friends from my growing-up years …

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