Rebecca OtisThe Rebecca lives, works, and entertains in the fabulous city of Chicago, Illinois. I have a passion
for marketing and love to promote local businesses, people, and ideas! This blog has become an
outlet for me to document and share, through photos and writing, the recipes I make when
having friends and family over, Chicago’s best events, and new fun hot spots in Chicago as well as the
cities I travel to. It has also introduced me to more unique local businesses and more fascinating
people than I could have ever expected when I wrote my first blog post. People mean everything to
me, and I believe the essence of entertaining is making special memories with loved ones.  I seek
to share with you ideas for a fun or creative way to make those memories!

It wasn’t after a few months of blogging that I considered myself or realized I was a writer.
But, here I am, writing for you, and loving every minute. Thanks for joining me in my quest to
make every day a little more entertaining!

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