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Holiday Recipe #5: Chocolate Espresso Pudding

Dec 29, 2010 | by | Read | 4 Comments

The proof is in the pudding.” I made it, the guests ate it, there’s now proof that this Chocolate Espresso Pudding recipe is …

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Holiday Recipe #4: Sweet Potato Tartlets

Dec 23, 2010 | by | Read | No Comments

At a finger foods-themed dinner I hosted earlier this month, I was excited to know that some guests got creative, like my fashion-forward friend David …

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Holiday Recipe #2: Dipped Marshmallows

Dec 20, 2010 | by | Read | 1 Comment

I saw this easy shmeezy and oh-so-fun dessert recipe in February of 2009 in Real Simple, filed it away in the back of my …

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Holiday Recipe #1: Savory Snowmen

Dec 20, 2010 | by | Read | No Comments

Meet Oliver. Get it? Olive-r. He’s an easy savory pick up appetizer who comes out in the wintertime to celebrate the holidays with alongside a …

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Tales of the Turkey

Nov 29, 2010 | by | Read | 3 Comments

So, how was the Apple-Poblano Turkey? It was roasted, flavorful, and 12.58 pounds! I was surprised that I didn’t taste much of the poblano …

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Thanksgiving Challenge: Apple-Poblano Turkey

Nov 19, 2010 | by | Read | 5 Comments

I’ve always wanted to be one step ahead of where I’m standing. Some may say this means I like a good challenge. Typically, I’ll get …

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Fiesta Cobb Salad

Aug 23, 2010 | by | Read | 4 Comments

I think I maybe saw a version of this recipe in one of my favorite magazines like Real Simple or Bon Appetit, both of …

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White Peachberry Sangria

Aug 19, 2010 | by | Read | 8 Comments

What do you get when you mix Vinho Verde, peaches, raspberries, oranges, and simple syrup? A new concoction from the kitchen de Rebeccammendations: White Peachberry

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9 Layer Mediterranean Dip

Aug 9, 2010 | by | Read | 1 Comment

There really is no clever post/recipe title that could better describe this creamy, crunchy, healthy goodness that is so easy to make and serve when …

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Presto Pesto!

Jun 28, 2010 | by | Read | No Comments

Summer seems to be a busy season. When it stays lighter later, I find myself wanting to max out my days instead of settling in …

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