Meli Up!

Sep 4, 2012 | by | Read | 1 Comment

First taste of Chicago, the Oatmeal smoothie at Meli Cafe in River North Ah-ha! Gotcha! You may have thought I discovered a new cafe in …

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Lions, Easy Tiger, & Beers, oh my!

Jan 22, 2012 | by | Read | 1 Comment

Pretzels Scream Out to Me at Easy Tiger Lions don’t actually fit in with this post, but for purposes of the play-on-words title, it’s a …

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Drink Inside the Box- La Boite

Jan 5, 2010 | by | Read | 6 Comments

La Boite, an eco-Euro cafe in a box, sits at 1700 S. Lamar. Talk about how social media can affect our interpersonal lives. Recently, I’ve …

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Where to Be Wednesday

Jun 17, 2009 | by | Read | 8 Comments

Looking for a mid-day refreshment in this Texas summer heat? You’re in luck! Annie’s, the spin-off from Apple Annies, now at 319 Congress, will …

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Hope Floats Charm into Austin

May 19, 2009 | by | Read | No Comments

General Manager, Jerald (Jerry) Rhodes, was hospitable and will make your visit to Walton's a charming experience. If only a small town hardware store or …

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Good God-dess! Bite into delicious local bread!

Apr 25, 2009 | by | Read | 4 Comments

* Photo by Rebecca I love to travel. I love Europe.  Nothing beats a cup of coffee at a local European cafe, or a freshly …

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Happily Singin' the Blues

Apr 20, 2009 | by | Read | 3 Comments

*Top Rec! (Top Rec’s are Go-To Rebeccammendations for any occasion) After about four different mentions of the same restaurant from four different people within the …

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The Great Es-crepe

Apr 20, 2009 | by | Read | No Comments

Jen just told me about her new downtown food find…Le Cafe Crepe at E. 2nd Street and San Jacinto on the first floor of …

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Hustle Over to Russell's Bakery

Mar 18, 2009 | by | Read | No Comments

My friend Batami belongs in Europe. At least when it comes to dessert and coffee. These are two things she can’t live without, no matter …

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