Mix it Up this Thursday – Biz & Creative Showcase 8/25

Aug 21, 2011 | by | Read | No Comments

Design by: www.bakeryinteractive.com This Thursday will be happenin’! Why? Because the creative East Side shared workspace where I “perch” when I’m not visiting local businesses …

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Launching: LocalizeAustin Blog!

May 16, 2011 | by | Read | 1 Comment

After over two years of entertainment blogging, I’ve discovered something significant- along with exploring Austin and the fun things to do in our wonderfully weird …

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Drink Inside the Box- La Boite

Jan 5, 2010 | by | Read | 6 Comments

La Boite, an eco-Euro cafe in a box, sits at 1700 S. Lamar. Talk about how social media can affect our interpersonal lives. Recently, I’ve …

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Better Bites, Butters Brownies, & Messy Chocolate

Dec 29, 2009 | by | Read | 3 Comments

Photo by: Rebecca Otis A couple weeks ago, I stopped by Austin City Hall for a holiday event hosted by Better Bites of Austin, …

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Breadily Available

Nov 10, 2009 | by | Read | 2 Comments

There’s nothing like a savory loaf of freshly baked bread. And, of course, there are bakeries in our usual grocery store destinations, including HEB, and …

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6th Street Green

Sep 25, 2009 | by | Read | 1 Comment

No, this is not how you might look after temporarily reverting back to your thirsty college days and gracing “Dirty Sixth” (the college area of 6th Street) with your presence.

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Superhero Thursday (9.3.09)

Sep 1, 2009 | by | Read | 3 Comments

If only I was a superhero, I could do every fun activity happening this Thursday! Since I don’t exactly have a sixth sense or a …

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Power Post: Pizza

Jul 15, 2009 | by | Read | 4 Comments

What is a Power Post, you ask? Sort of like a power nap–quick, yet effective, refreshing, always worth the short time spent, and leaving …

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Bastille of a Deal

Jul 14, 2009 | by | Read | No Comments

I walked by Aquarelle this weekend, the charming and admired French bistro hidden behind W. 6th at Sous Chef Leonard Reese shows off the French …

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What's the Difference Between a Muffin and a Cupcake?

Jun 22, 2009 | by | Read | 3 Comments

*Photos by Rebecca Not much.  Sometimes frosting can be a distinguishing factor between these two delicious baked creations, or the presence of fresh fruit inside, …

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