Classic American Entertaining

Oct 19, 2009 | by | Read | 2 Comments

Lately, it seems that things are so busy, it’s hard to even find a moment to stop and catch our breath. Maybe it’s the impending …

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A Check List: ACL

Oct 8, 2009 | by | Read | 2 Comments

As you may know by now, although I love music, the Austin City Limits festival is not my favorite way to enjoy live music. Crowds and outdoor festivals aren’t for everyone.

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First Thursday Foto Features: August

Aug 12, 2009 | by | Read | 2 Comments

Last week, I wrote about how to shake up your First Thursday experience so you never cease to have fun, no matter how many times …

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Patriotic Playlist

Jun 30, 2009 | by | Read | 4 Comments

We all know THE epitome of American songs. We hear it at the beginning of athletic games. We’ve heard it sung by the talented, the …

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"Those Su-umma Nights…"

Jun 15, 2009 | by | Read | 2 Comments

*Photos by Rebecca Sandra-Dee in the 1978 musical film, Grease, had every reason to reminisce about “those summer nights” she spent with suave Danny …

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Donation Celebration!

Apr 16, 2009 | by | Read | 5 Comments

Through a series of chance events and seredipitous encounters with new people, I recently met Alex, the Executive Director of CharityBash: “Austin’s Hippest Philanthropy …

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(Music) Festival Crashers!

Apr 4, 2009 | by | Read | 2 Comments

Yes, we’ve all seen and heard of the Wedding Crashers, the 2005 clever big-screen tag-team of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who use the …

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Go Nuts!

Apr 2, 2009 | by | Read | 1 Comment

So, I’m allergic to nuts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find me at the Spring 2009 Old Pecan Street Festival on May 2-3. …

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The Veronicas are Coming!

Mar 30, 2009 | by | Read | No Comments

I knew it. I called it months ago…The Veronicas were gonna make it big. I found out today they are coming to the 96.7 …

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Remember that song…

Mar 21, 2009 | by | Read | 1 Comment

“Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop)” from 1994? Well, one day about a month ago on the way to Dallas, Allison and I were …

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