Swiftly Scurry to the Attic


Chocolate 7 Ways Dessert at Swift's Attic

Let’s start with dessert and work our way backwards, shall we? It just makes sense since the photo above of Chocolate 7 Ways so accurately expresses the explosion of flavors and excitement I felt after my first visit at Swift’s Attic, the newest ‘top’-notch bistro to raise Congress Avenue to new heights. Literally, Swift’s Attic, sits atop Austin’s infamous jazz club, Elephant Room and pairs quite nicely with its class and elegance.

Swift’s Attic is based on small plates. But, not just any small plates. Each ingredient seemed to be placed with intention and carefully crafted to carry the diner to new decadent destinations. Okay, that sounds quite dramatic, but each plate that my friend and I shared really did create a tasty experience that is unlike others I’ve experienced lately, and one that I remember and can’t wait to return for.

Take, for example, the dish on the next page. The well-seasoned quail was a treat, although the hot water cornbread was so rich and perfect, it belongs on the dessert menu! Matt, our superb waiter, explained that the hot water cornbread fritters have a consistency of hush puppies, and they are the chef’s grandmother’s special recipe. When eaten with the raisin rum butter, I mean, this dish is destined to become  a ‘we’re known for this’ dish.

Bandera quail, hot water cornbread, golden raisin rum butter (um, uh-mazing)

The Cobia was a light way to start the meal (remember, we’re going backwards) and the bite-sized pieces were a welcome way to slow the meal so I was prepared to savor it and pay attention to each forkful.

Cobia crudo, kale frickles, gremolata, grapefruit gastrique

The blistered shishito peppers were rustic, yet smooth, fresh and earthy, and fragrant. Matt mentioned about one in every ten peppers is hotter than the others. I got the hot one 🙂 I was a fan of the green finger foods, I didn’t even need the dipping sauce. Another fantastic starter.

Blistered shishito peppers, Garroxta cheese, Banyuls vinegar

Oh, and the cheese plate. Not your average cheese plate. So fantastic! The apple butter, peppercorn gastrique, and roasted fig and olive jam trio, all made in-house, were just the fancy fix to spread atop fresh toasty bread from Walton’s Fancy & Staple with a sliver of carefully selected cheeses.

Peppercorn gastrique, house made beer nuts with Avery White Rascal, roasted fig and onion jam, homemade apple butter, bread from Walton's, Basil Hayden from Vermont, and Ballerina Cheese

This was just one way to work your way through the menu at Swift’s Attic. Almost the entire menu called out to me, we just had to commit to a few intriguing dishes, and admit that we’d be back to try new plates, and indulge in more of these first-visit favorites. I recommend visiting on a weeknight and calling ahead for a reservation or grab a seat at the vintage-mod bar before or after galavanting downtown. I can’t wait to swiftly sneak back up to the attic for some flavorful treasures.

I hope you’ll make a stop at Swift’s! Report back on your visit and menu favorites!


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One thought on “Swiftly Scurry to the Attic”

  • Jodi May 2, 2012 at 8:39 am

    The chocolate dessert was great and that cheese plate looks wonderful. I’ll have to try it next time!

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