Chocolate Orange and Grapefruit Ginger Ice Cream at Lick on S. Lamar

Oookay, listen up! Have you been to Lick yet? You know, the “honest”, aka organic and LOCAL ingredient-packed ice cream scooped up in a cheerful shop on S. Lamar? If not, WHAT are you waiting for? And if you have, what’s the wait on going back? I visited for the first time on Foursquare Day (4-16, get it? 4 – squared?) at a social event hosted by Social Media Club of Austin. I was de-light-ed by light consistency – it was almost sorbet-like, airy, yet creamy, a magical creation! I’m a big fan since I usually go for frozen yogurt since they’re less heavy than traditional and rich ice creams. I happen to find lighter frozen treats more refreshing, versus the feeling I get after eating thick and creamy ones – like they weigh me down. The two flavors I tried at Lick on my first visit were different than other ice creams and yogurts I’ve spooned through or licked through a cone. I felt satisfied and rejuvenated from the fresh ingredients and lighter feel.

And, the flavors – innovative, local, earthy, and natural like Honeyed Peaches and Rosemary (with Round Rock Honey), Caramelized Carrots & Tarragon, Texas Au Lait (with milk, cream, espresso, pure cane syrup and a touch of Mexican vanilla), and Too Hot Chocolate (with local Delysia chocolate, Round Rock Honey, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and chipotle peppers). The best part of the ice creams to me was the ‘honest’ part of their tagline ‘honest ice creams’. The local ingredients are the stars of the show, versus the dairy base or even waxy characteristics I’ve experienced before in traditional ice creams. In the Chocolate Orange, I enjoyed real orange particles, and the Grapefruit Ginger tasted pure and natural – a great combination straight from its sources. I even tried a flavor with beets in it and was drawn by the pink color derived from the fresh roots. I can’t wait to go back to expand my ice cream flavor horizons. It’s time to give the ol’ goodies like Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies n’ Creme a break and go back to farm where the milk in ice cream comes from for the flavor profiles too.

The shop is easy to miss as it’s tucked away in a shopping center near Barley Swine – it’s in good tasty company in the transforming block on S. Lamar. But, make sure to drive in circles until you find it (like me), and then your tastebuds will drive you right back. What a great way to embrace the summer heat – lick it away! And, call me on your way so I can meet you there for a scoop, or two (wink).

Oh, and I think their ice cream cups are recyclable – that way, you can reduce waste after you lick every last drop. Check their Facebook page for the latest flavors!

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