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Tribute Week to Local Musicians: #1: Aaron Ivey

Photo By: Rebecca at Music for the City Volume 1 Release Party, 5.8.2010
Photo By: Rebecca at Music for the City Volume 1 Release Party, 5.8.2010

If Austin is the “Live Music Capital of the World”, then why is it that many of us find ourselves wishing we went out to hear live music more often?  After all, it’s everywhere.  We hear it at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress often on weeknights and weekends.  We hear it resonating out from inside the legendary doors of the Continental ClubStubb’s, Antone’s, Beauty Bar, The Belmont.  If you take a stroll downtown, chances are you’ll hear musical clips as you pass by a venue that serves as a creative springboard, providing musicians with a space to create music from and share their sounds with anyone that may be moved by their melodies. 

If you’re lucky, you may be en route to your weekend or evening plans and hear coordinated combinations of tunes and beats that work together to create audible art that may provoke an emotional response, and you stop to hear more of the curious sounds that peaked your interest.  My first such experience occurred when I discovered singer-songwriter Adam McInnis over a year ago as the outside speakers of Sullivan’s Steakhouse Ringside Bar drew me inside to hear more of his sweet sounds that I acquired an almost instantaneous appreciation for.  This is how fans are born, how bands gain followers, and how local musicians begin to live their dreams. 

Now, as I have entered a new, more developed stage of Austin discovery and living, I have recently encountered several local Austin musicians that I have connected with simply through hearing their sounds (and with the help of a few local music in-the-know friends), each of which has evoked unique emotions and inspiration from within myself. 

So, I have decided to dedicate this week to these artists in a Tribute Week to Local Musicians.  I pledge to post about one local band each day this week through Friday.  Click on their websites, listen to a few of their songs, connect with them on Facebook or Twitter, and see if you can catch any of them at live shows.  If you haven’t already, you will truly be amazed by the talent that we are so lucky to have shared with us and being born in our harmonious city of Austin.

#1: Aaron Ivey.  I met the locally infamous Aaron recently through Music for the City, but only heard him for the first time last night at the Music for the City Volume 1 Release Party.  And, I was just blown away! 

aaron ivey 2
Aaron Ivey sings in the limelight at Music for the City Volume 1 Release Party 5.8.2010

Standing just three yards away from him and his keyboard center stage, I could feel Aaron’s passion, his soul, his love for life and music.  His hands were pounding the keyboard in an intense and moving performance as he sang his heart out, not leaving any one note underplayed.  His focus and his powerful vocal chords breathe life into his meaningful music that I know will soar.   

Compared to: The Fray, but all spotlights are on Aaron as a solo artist and singer/songwriter who is pouring his heart and soul into every chord he magestically strikes.

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