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May 8th, 2009  |  City: | Published in Out on the Town  |  2 Comments

European-Style brunch on Blue Dahlia's patio was relaxing and delightful!

European-Style brunch on Blue Dahlia's patio was relaxing and delightful!

This is my second post about Blue Dahlia, but the last one was about dinner, and this one is about brunch, another totally different and delicious experience that deserves its own undivided blog post attention.  While Julie was here last weekend, our entertaining itinerary included a walk at Town Lake, where we worked up our appetites that we more than satisfied with Blue Dahlia’s brunch.  I’ll preface this by saying, if you choose to try their brunch, you have to be willing to step outside of the “American Breakfast” box, and try brunch European-style (for example, scrambled eggs are not on the menu, and I was told they do not have a griddle, which is used to make many traditional breakfast items). I would also recommend pretending you’re in Europe when you endulge in their brunch menu, and sitting on the front or back patio, which makes for a very relaxing meal!  We tried the Breads & Spreads, complete with homemade raspberry and orange marmalade jams and nutella which we paired with an asssortment of freshly baked breads, including olive, cranberry walnut, whole wheat, and sourdough.  We also split a bowl of mixed fruit, and tried the blueberry blintzes, which were also a treat.  We had our eye on the Southwestern frittata, but the special was already oversold by the time we ordered it. 

Rebeccammended European-Style Brunch for locals or entertaining out of town guests: Blue Dahlia Bistro on E. 11th.  Sit on the patio, and enjoy their tasty delights!

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