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31 Informational Interview Questions: What to Ask

Congrats! You’ve connected with someone new or re-connected with someone who you think could offer some advice along your career path. The phone, video, or …

Top 10 Things to Do in Auckland


Friends – a new city just skyrocketed to my ‘top favorite cities’ list (it’s in my head, but I have one). Auckland, a bustling, vibrant, …

#OneRoomChallenge Reveal! Chicago Urban Kitchen Rejuvenation Complete!


It’s here! It’s kitchen remodel reveal day in the One Room Challenge 6 week design blogging event and we are so excited to finally reveal …

#OneRoomChallenge 6: Pre-Reveal – Chicago Urban Kitchen Remodel

Chicago Urban Kitchen Remodel Sink and Island

That’s right, I got up on the shiny new island for an aerial shot of our galley kitchen complete with farm sink, cabinetry, countertops, and

#OneRoomChallenge 5: Chicago Urban Kitchen Counters & Cabinets


View from above of our kitchen island, countertops, and wood floor.

That’s right! We’re back for Week 5 of the OneRoomChallenge, the seasonal event …

#OneRoomChallenge 4: Chicago Urban Kitchen Rejuvenation – Cabinet Swap

Chicago Condo Kitchen - Before Remodel

Downtown Chicago Condo Before Remodel

Welcome back! We’re on Week 4 of Calling it Home and HouseBeautiful‘s One Room Challenge Fall event, where bloggers …

#OneRoomChallenge 3: Building it Back Up – Chicago Downtown Kitchen Rejuvenation

chicago urban kitchen remodel - one room challenge

Welcome back! We’re on Week 3 of Calling it Home and HouseBeautiful magazine’s Fall One Room Challenge – Chicago Urban Kitchen Remodel, a 6-week …

#OneRoomChallenge 2: Chicago Urban Kitchen Rejuvenation – Envisioning the Look and Feel


We gathered backsplash samples and placed them behind our sink for a few days to decide if we found our desired look. (We didn’t…yet.)


#OneRoomChallenge: Downtown Chicago Urban Kitchen Rejuvenation

Chicago Condo Kitchen - Before Remodel

Downtown Chicago Condo Kitchen BEFORE our Remodel

Good Morning! I’ve just woken up from a 2 year blog break! While I do feel guilty that …

Bountiful, Beautiful Spring Supper

Green Fruit, Root, Seed Salad

My version of the roasted beet salad I found at Blue Door Farm Stand.

As someone who notices patterns and is always connecting-the-dots, I was …

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